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Short Stories


If Only You Knew

LITRO • 7th December 2018

Dear Sean, I killed an elephant today. You know, it’s one of those things that you think about for a long period of time, convinced that you will figure out someday, but can only really do on an impulse. The killing itself was unexpectedly simple: I took a deep breath, waited for the adrenaline to rush through every vein of mine, and with impulse came unimaginable strength. I took a stab. It stopped moving.



Litro • 22nd September 2017

After a six-month hiatus in their communication, they met up again. It was somewhat organic— “I’m in Tokyo now. I’ll be around the station tomorrow after dinner.” “Let’s meet for drinks around eight at Café 1894. It’s one of my favorites.” She didn’t mind the fact that he hijacked her initiative as much as the realization that she knew he wasn’t worth it, but she came back again. She didn’t have to let him know she was in Tokyo, but she did.

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13th june 2014

“Good evening, Miss. Please follow me.”

She jumped at the firm, resonant voice, but followed the man just as he instructed. It was funny how she was still a little surprised every time he called her, even though it had become a routine since months ago.